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Potat0’s DN42 Network

If you are already on the DN42 network and have DNS configured, try visiting the DN42 domain of this page:

如果你已经加入 DN42 网络并且配置了 DNS,不妨试试访问本页在 DN42 中的域名:


If you are experiencing certificate issues, it may mean that your device does not trust the DN42 root certificate. Please check this Wiki.

如果你遇到了证书问题,可能意味着你的设备没有信任 DN42 的根证书。请查看此 Wiki

Basic Information 基本信息

Contact 联系方式

Want peer or any other situation? Feel free to contact me! 想要 Peer 或是其他任何情况?欢迎随时联系我!

I’ll attempt to keep checking my inbox at least 2 times a day, but there is definitely a big lag. So contact me on Telegram if possible.

我将尝试每天至少检查 2 次收件箱,但这肯定有不小的延迟。因此如果可能的话,建议优先选择在 Telegram 上联系我。

AutoPeer & Bot 自动对等连接与机器人

I maintain a Telegram bot to provide the AutoPeer service and some basic DN42 network testing services (e.g. ping, traceroute). 我维护了一个 Telegram 机器人,用于提供 AutoPeer 服务及一些基本的 DN42 网络测试服务(如 pingtraceroute)。

You can find it at @Potat0_DN42_Bot, and feel free to add it to your group chat. 你可以在 @Potat0_DN42_Bot 找到它,也欢迎你将它添加至群聊。

Looking Glass

I provide a Looking Glass service at the following address. 我在以下地址提供了 Looking Glass 服务。

Requirements 要求

Peeeing requests for manual peering 人工对等互联请求

Please use the AutoPeer service first! 请优先使用 AutoPeer 服务!

If you are unable to use the AutoPeer service, then please send a Peer Request as follows. 如果你无法使用 AutoPeer 服务,则请按如下要求发送 Peer Request。


Node: US1
Public key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Endpoint: your.domain.tld:21816
ASN: 4242421816
Sessions: IPv6 + IPv4
Capabilities: MP-BGP, ENH
IPv6: fe80::1816
IPv4: None

Nodes 节点

Setting up a peering in every region where we both have nodes is recommended to improve network robustness.

推荐在每个我们都有节点的地区建立 Peer,以加强网络健壮性。

US1 | New York - BuyVM

JP1 | Tokyo - AWS